The Long Hair – Shoulder Length Style

One of the scariest things that can happen to a woman is the loss of her hair. Going from a full flowing shoulder length style, to a thinning short style can have detrimental effects on the modern woman. This is not just physical, but also emotional trauma as a woman tries desperately to cope and keep stylish while going bald.

There are many causes of hair loss for a woman, the most obvious one being stress, but it can happen for a variety of reasons, such as a high fever, a hormone change, severe dieting and many other reasons. The above are the most common.

But when it happens to you, you ask first of all ‘Why me?’ and secondly how do I stop this. Luckily for most women hair loss is just temporary and you should visit a professional, so they can pick the best treatment. The most common of these are taking supplements, stopping or changing certain medication and therapy, to learn ways of dealing with stress.


All that you wanted to know about hair loss treatments

Before talking about hair loss treatments, it is important to know the cause behind it. Hair loss can be due to heredity, disease, fever, surgery or anorexia. It can even be a temporary outcome post pregnancy. It can be due to poor hair hygiene or due to certain medications. Once the cause is clear, the hair loss treatments can be done accordingly.

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An effective home remedy to avoid hair loss is to massage the scalp with fingers vigorously after washing hair with cold water. Massaging the scalp will help to active the sebaceous glands. The blood circulation increases this way leading to growth of healthy hair.

Massaging of coconut milk has also been considered to be an effective hair loss treatment. It needs to be applied to the scalp in such a way that it reaches the hair roots. This will help to nourish hair and make them more healthy.

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Preventing Hair Loss: Things You Need to Know

Hair loss is a very common problem. The following points can help you in preventing hair loss.

One can lose hair for many reasons including the likes of poor diet, genetic issues, medicine side effects and stress. To prevent the loss, you must first diagnose the reason behind it. For that, you should take help of a professional or physician.

Take care of your care on a regular basis. Keep in mind its nutritional requirements. Avoid frequent dyeing and cover it from dust and sunlight as much as possible.

Go for regular hair washing with mild shampoo. Never allow dandruff to settle down in your hair. You must act gently while rubbing or drying your hair with a towel. Eating right food and lowering stress levels also help in preventing hair loss.

Once you suffer from hair loss, it becomes difficult to control it. So, it’s better to take various preventive measures.