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Fitness made simple. Squat thrusts

Everybody understands push ups and sit-ups. They’re simple, straightforward exercises. But to get a shapely and fit looking body you need to get beyond the simpler exercises and put more muscles to work. Dieting can only take you half way through to your goal. The rest has to come from exercises that burn out fat and build stronger muscles.

So, one good exercise that can be easily performed at home by anyone is the squat thrusts. In order to perform squat thrusts, you have to put your hands on the floor, shoulder width apart, with the legs stretched, just like in the normal push up position. From this position, you must bring both legs forward, underneath your torso, by bending the knees and thrusting forward. The third step is to return your legs to the original position with the same quick, powerful movements.


The exercise can be performed by bringing the right leg forward, in a position that resembles that of a runner at the start line. Then, thrust both legs simultaneously, the right leg going back and the left leg coming forward to replace the right one. And thrust again, bringing the right leg forward and pushing the left leg back.


This exercise is meant to work out the glutes, the hamstrings and the quads, with some benefits for the triceps. Be careful not to trip and fall and make sure your hands are firmly keeping the whole body in the correct position. Perform some 15-20 reps every workout session and you’ll be showing some great legs to anyone who cares to look. Ladies are impressed by men with muscular legs and asses and you don’t need me to tell you how men feel about women with good-looking legs.

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Remember that exercises must be helped by keeping a close eye on the food intake. Junk food, sodas and snacks have to go and fruits, vegetables and other nutritional and healthy foods must take their place.